PCB Prototypes


ProTronics has over two decades of experience in prototype printed circuit board assembly. The assembly volume on PCB prototypes is typically 1 to 10 boards. Often a customer may request the first few prototype boards on a quick-turn basis, then spread the rest out over 1-2 weeks. This keeps that customer in debug mode while saving the expense of getting all of their boards in a quick turn.


To help our customers get their prototype circuit board products ready for production, our project folders include a design for manufacturability report. We provide feedback on any design concerns that we see during the prototype assembly process. We offer suggestions on anything that we think would benefit you, saving you rework and production costs. If you choose to re-spin the prototype or re-spin the circuit board you will have our recommendations to consider.


We offer the service of testing your product with customer supplied test equipment. We can provide ambient functional testing as well as ESS testing (hot-cold cycling and humidity).


We’ll not only handle your PCB prototype projects with expertise: we’ll share our design for manufacturability experience with you to help assure you cost effective and high reliability production. Call us for your prototype circuit board project!

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