Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB AssemblyProTronics specializes in low volume PCB assembly (PCBA).

  • Surface Mount and Fine Pitch Assembly
  • Pin-Through-Hole (PTH) technology
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) Assembly
  • Mixed technology assembly

Our Demonstrated technical capabilities are currently to 12 mil pitch QFP/TSOPs and 0201 chip components for assembly and/or repair, with other assembly processes continuously being developed. Our circuit board assembly services also include x-ray inspection for all solder joints that we cannot visually inspect, such as BGA’s, QFN’s, DFN’s, etc.


The volume for PCB assembly at ProTronics depends more on the design of the circuit board and the number of components than the number of boards. We have built printed circuit boards with only five chip components and completed as many as 54,000 in one month. We have also assembled circuit boards with hundreds of components per board, the volume with these is often lower, sometimes as little as 10-15 boards per lot.


We offer a turnkey solution in which we purchase the raw circuit boards and the components as well as completing the assembly. Often our customers provide the components and the raw boards and we will complete the assembly.


ProTronics has been in business for over 20 years and in that time we have established a network of contacts that allows us to provide assistance to our customers. While we do some mechanical assembly and wiring assembly in-house, we also work with other companies in the local Raleigh, NC area to provide turnkey solutions by partnering for services such as PCB design, machining, enclosures, and high volume cable assemblies.


“When it comes to printed circuit boards, we’ll try just about anything, even if we haven’t done it in the past!” Contact us today to discover how ProTronics can help with your low volume printed circuit board ¬†/ PCB assembly needs!

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